At SENOVI we developed a large industrial-grade granular 3D print system.

Our 3DP system is unique in its performance as it combines plastic extrusion technology with additive
manufacturing capabilities (Additive Injection Manufacturing) on a large scalable platform, starting from
1m2. This is a powerful combination as it makes it possible to automatically produce polymer based
products, especially composites with e.g. carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP’s).

  • Granular input (e.g. thermoplastic resin, blends, compounds)
  • Large scalable build platform (ranging from 800x800x800 mm to 6000x3000x1000 mm)
  • Ease of operation (graphical interface, several input possibilities)
  • Light weight high speed extruder (specifically designed for 3D Printing)

Currently there are over 1000 engineering-grade materials, compounds and blends for high-speed machining, from ABS to PVC